Yes, We’re Alive.

On Thursday, August 14 (Jim’s 58th birthday!), exactly two weeks ago, my dad and I crossed the border from San Ysidro, California into Tijuana, Mexico.

Twenty-one days // 1,730 miles. We did it. One more item off the bucket list: Bike the Pacific Coast – CHECK!

Biking was the easy part. Blogging…not so much. Don’t get me wrong, biking wasn’t always easy. There was never a non-sore day (I couldn’t sleep on my stomach because my thighs throbbed from the pressure against the ground) but writing cohesive blog posts is not exactly effortless. Writing isn’t a natural talent for me. Add 10+ hours of biking, a voracious appetite, meeting new people, and it’s fairly easy to tell yourself as your head hits the pillow (or in our case, a rolled up down jacket), “I’ll wake up early tomorrow and write.”

One postponed blog post turned into three, then five, and all of sudden you’re sitting at work responding to passive aggressive emails when you receive a text from a friend, on a social media hiatus: “So, are you alive??”

Yes. We’re alive and well, but feeling guilty for breaking our promise to share our adventures with you all in a timely manner.

After a good lashing and a couple of solid cry sessions (just kidding!!), we are back on track. Turns out, the best way to blog is to tackle it like a bike tour (what a coincidence). Set a daily goal and you’ll meet your destination.

So, keep your eyes peeled for updates about the last leg of our Pacific Coast bike tour. Hey, it may even seem like we’re writing it in real time. Imagine that!


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