Gooooood morning, San Francisco!

We made it!! After a glitch in our flight schedule out west, we arrived in downtown San Francisco around midnight (3am east coast time). We were exhausted and anxiously awaiting a shower and bed at the Powell Hotel, which was pleasantly better than we expected. I had booked the hotel in haste last week and didn’t bother reading the reviews on tripadvisor/yelp/etc. With some down time at JFK, I finally did some research and to my horror read some terrible reviews. Damn it. Thankfully, the hotel was fine, they had our bike boxes and the showers were hot.

Well-rested, we unpacked this morning and started putting together the bikes.

If you’re curious, this is what I’ll be carrying during this tour:

And this is what my dad’s bringing (we have different packing styles as you can see):


Check out this post from last summer with an itemized list of what we brought. And with everything screwed on and packed away, we’re off!
We are planning a light day today (approx. 60 miles) so hopefully I’ll get a post up tonight. We are also trying something new this time around–GPS tracking! I’m using the Ride with GPS app to track our every peddle stroke and then publishing the map here! I’ve never used the app before hopefully there aren’t any issues. If anyone out there has experience with GPS tracking and publishing on, please feel free to recommend any in the comments!

See ya on the road!


3 thoughts on “Gooooood morning, San Francisco!

  1. Glad you arrived safely! Great dad/daughter photo. Happy cycling!

  2. Enjoy the ride! And keep posting.

  3. SAFE TRAVELS. We will follow via posts and (trey cool) GPS.
    Love to you both!!!
    Kate, Den, Simon & Ema

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