FAQ: Where are you guys??

A quick note to let all our faithful followers know that we did indeed make it to San Francisco, CA safely (and with big smiles on our faces) on Thursday, August 1st. Before we started the trip, we thought blogging would be as easy setting up a tent (or hammock) every night, but we soon learned about the limitations of 3G cell service, a buggy wordpress iphone app, and that our bodies were screaming “go to sleep!” for good reason. Therefore, we are a few days behind in posts but fear not! With handwritten journal entries, pictures and maps, I’m sure we will be able to give you an accurate account of the second half of our Pacific Coast trek.

And to answer your question, I am back in NYC and Jim’s in CT. Both with sore legs and wicked tan lines, but still smiling.


3 thoughts on “FAQ: Where are you guys??

  1. We thought that you followed the leave the weak behind and JT3 was lying somewhere in Oregon.

  2. Congratulation!!! We enjoy so much 2013 Summer father and daughter Bike Trip in Pacific coast line through your Safe, Healthy and Smiling. We are appreciated your time to sending writing and pictures. We love you.
    Can you believe that they did not have any single rainy day? I can go to the bed.

  3. Hooray! Welcome home. I was wondering where the posts disappeared to… I can’t wait to hear all about what sounds like a most memorable father/daughter adventure. Enjoy the rest of your summer Soo Mi

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