Day 6: Charleston, OR – Gold Beach, OR

It was a very cold start this morning — 45 degrees when we woke up at 6:30am! Can you believe it’s July 27th and 45 degrees over here?!? Luckily, we had several climbs in our first 15 miles to warm us up. Btw,  I don’t think I’ve ever wrote ‘lucky’ and ‘climbs’ in the same sentence hah.

It was also another day of meeting people along the way. There was Gary who was making his way north in a recumbent bike. He had hiked the Appalachian Trail and is now traveling the west coast via bike. Dana’s also headed north, going to the Grand Tetons for a wedding. And Steve is from Utah, and is biking south to San Francisco because his wife’s in NY for two weeks so why not? (It’s also his fourth time down the coast).



We decided to make it a shorter day than usual due to campground locations, but we didn’t realize that the campground we were planning to stay at was hosting the county fair! Thankfully they found us a spot and we were able to enjoy the fair, including Saturday’s spotlight event: Tuff Trucks Competition. Think of a red neck monster truck derby and that’s what it was. Pieced together trucks, raunchy MC, dirt flying — Dad and I loved it. There’s no way in the world we would have ever seen something like this out east and here we were, sitting in the second row, screaming and hollering with everyone else haha! (Video to come, once I figure out how to load it onto the site…)


Unfortunately we weren’t able to stay for the whole fair and missed out on some great events, like:

  • watermelon spitting contest
  • ugly dog contest
  • all you can eat ribs eating contest

But what’s a fair without fried dough (or funnel cake as they call it here).

Thankfully the ruckus didn’t go on too late and we were able to go to bed at a reasonable hour (and wake up refreshed for a long day ahead of us).


Total miles: 80.7

Weather: Cold morning but warmed up to the low 80s

Riding conditions: Another day of amazing tailwinds negated any road issues we had

Campground: Curry County Fairgrounds in Gold Beach, OR. Cold showers and noise from fair (especially screams from the Zipper — my amusement park ride nemesis). But what an experience! Grade: B+


2 thoughts on “Day 6: Charleston, OR – Gold Beach, OR

  1. She is very happy girl. When I am watching her happy motion, I am very laughing myself,too. Happy Happy life bring you into laughing! Tailwinds that is the best gift for Bicycle mam. Enjoy Riding and Safe Bike Trip! Thanks to the God to give us everything.

  2. oh man, what an experience! definitely would not see an “ugly dog contest” back on the east coast….also, not sure i could’ve stomached the “all you can eat run contest”! Craziness. Glad you and dad were able to relax and partake in the festivities. You really didn’t want to go on the zipper?!

    almost there!! safe travels and may the tailwinds continue to be present!

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