Day 5: How do you like your wind? (Newport, OR – Charleston, OR)

From the back, the front, or sideways? Because today you had your pick. Luckily for us it was mostly from the back. If you’ve never felt a tailwind before on a bike, imagine that you’re going at a steady pace when all of a sudden it feels like someone pushes your bike from behind. It’s like a turbo boost and it’s just awesome.

Once again we started in the fog today, but as it cleared, we had our spectacular views of the Oregon coast.


We stopped by in Waldport for some coffee. These drive-thru espresso shacks every five miles it seems. Why isn’t this popular on the east coast yet?

This espresso shack also happened to be right next door to the Green Bike Co-op, a free bike sharing program started three year ago. This non-profit accepts bike donations, fixes them up, spray paints then green, and leaves them around Waldport for the community to use — for free! What a great concept and a wonderful community amenity!!

Further along our route, we entered the Oregon Sand Dunes Recreation Area. We could see and hear ATVs and motorcycles riding in he sand from the road — looked like so much fun! In some areas, the dunes even spilled onto the road. We totally missed our opportunity to make a “sand angel” but the tailwinds were so good, it was hard to stop.

At the top of one hill, we saw the effects of the lumber industry, as the trees of an entire mountain face had been cut down. Riding through the Pacific Northwest, it would be hard pressed not to see a logging trucks each day. This may look ugly, but it’s just another crop.


After a long mileage day, our eyes glistened when we saw this marionberry pudding cake ring at the local Grocery store. We had no issues polishing it off that night.




Miles: 104.6

Weather: Chilly and windy all day, mid 50s; very cold at night as temperature dipped into the 40s. Brrrrr.

Riding conditions: We mainly stayed on Rt. 101; no real issues except for crosswinds which can create bike handling issues.

Campground: Flo and Lee were gracious camp hosts at the Bastendorff Beach Campground. The campground was full and they let us stay in their ‘backyard’. $5/person. Amazing sunset, picture below Grade: A-



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