Day 4: Garibaldi, OR – Newport, OR

What an amazing day for seeing/meeting other cyclists! We saw a total of 16 touring cyclists and eight of them are at camp tonight. There was some overlap with our route and the Trans-America route which is probably why we saw such an increase of bikes on the road. It’s great meeting people who are doing the same crazy thing you’re doing haha!

This morning, within 10 miles of our start, we came upon Oregon’s own Tillamook Creamery. There really is never a bad time to have ice cream (right?) so we indulged at 8:45 am with a scoop (mint chocolate chip for myself, cookie dough for my dad). Tillamook is an all farmer owned company and we were happy to support them.
Our route brought us pass Netarts Bay, where we saw many people clamming in the low tide. Based on the languages posted on the restrictions notice, it seems like its a popular place!


There was a three mile climb out of Netarts and we experienced one of the wildest climate changes ever. Going up the hill, the clouds started to flow into the street and everything was quite wet — almost rainforest-like. Not only was it wet, but chilly at 58 degrees at the top, brrr. Then, about 100 ft pass the summit, it was sunny as can be with blue skies. The only clouds we could see were the ones going over the mountain and over the cliff. On our decent, we even crossed sand dunes!! No more moss covered trees or rains drops. It was full-on desert on the other side.



When I stopped to take off my jacket, I saw that the temperature was now 78 degrees. We couldn’t believe how different the climate was only 3 miles away!!

Between Sandlake and Pacific City, the ocean was calling us, so we made a run for it. Boy, is that water COLD!! We haven’t seen one person in the water this whole trip, so we knew it had to be pretty chilly.

On our approach to Newport, we followed the Oregon Coast Bike Route onto Otter Crest Loop, on old highway that winds up and down Cape Foulweather along precipitous cliffs. This road was a welcomed diversion from heavily trafficked Rt. 101 and the views of the coastline just got better and better.

At the end of the loop, we saw these ocean beach dunes. Looks like it could be Egypt (without the water, of course!). Another wonderful surprise about Oregon’s coast.

As I previously mentioned, we stayed at a state park tonight with eight other touring cyclists:

Chris – headed north from San ??, CA
Tommy – started in Vancouver, headed for SF
Andrew and Alastair – headed home to SF, coming from fly-fishing trip in Alaska and thought biking from Seattle was better than flying
Gary – headed to San Diego, CA
Kat – from Sweden, going cross-country
Aussie guy (didn’t catch name, whoops) – headed to Eugene, OR, has been on the road for 2 years (!!!!)
Dutch guy (again, didn’t catch his name) – headed to Burning Man but doesn’t have a ticket yet

As you can deduct, there were plenty of stories to go around!


Total miles: 90.2

Weather: 50s in the morning, warmed up to the 70s and back to the 50s by 3pm.

Riding conditions: some tricky or non-existent road shoulders; tailwind in the afternoon

Campground review: South Beach State Campground one mile south of Newport. $6/person, hot showers, good company, lots if trees for hammock options. Grade: A


5 thoughts on “Day 4: Garibaldi, OR – Newport, OR

  1. Love seeing these updates everyday! The pics are awesome. I agree with Susan , this is a wonderful father/daughter adventure. Have a wonderful trip.

  2. Also – fully support the ice cream breakfast decision!!

  3. So amazing!! The pictures are incredible. Stay warm while on the road! Enjoy the hot showers; full towels await at the end of the trip :) XO

  4. Talk about vicarious living! I love waking up (EST) to the latest post of the Thompson Pacific Coast Tour! What an amazing father/daughter adventure. Your photos make me smile too. Happy trails to both of you. Travel safely and enjoy the ride!

  5. Freedom is not free. You pay off to get freedom. It is Gorgeous Coast line to make for Bike Trip!

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