Day 3: Cathlamet, WA – Garibaldi, OR

After traveling alongside the Columbia River for about 30 miles the previous day, we finally crossed it via ferry to reach Oregon!!



In Oregon, we were greeted by towns named “Wauna” and “Knappa” and headed for Astoria, a fairly big shipping and fishing town in this neck of the woods (pop. 10,000). We found ourselves off route, when Yauncey came by and asked of we needed help. He lives about 15miles south of Astoria and bikes to the city three days a week to go swimming. He guided us back on route and told us about Astoria’s new economy in tourism, the dying fishing industry, and where to get lunch en route to Seaside. Another pleasant encounter with someone who knew their way around!


About 40 miles outside of Astoria, we ran into Tommy, a fellow touring cyclist headed to San Francisco. He had started in Vancouver about a week ago and was traveling solo.

Our next treat was riding into Seaside, because it was the first time we saw the Pacific. All day, we followed the Oregon coast and were amazed by its majestic beauty and size.

We approached Canon Beach, OR, which is eerily similar to East Coast beach towns in like Provincetown and Hyannis. But we did get to see Haystack Rock, an impressive 245ft rock jutting out about 50 ft from shore. The pictures don’t give it justice.


Today’s ride had some climbs, but at the top we were always rewarded with a breathtaking view of the Oregon coast.

Total miles: 91.5 miles

Weather: 50s and chilly morning, 70s during the day (tan lines developing)

Biking conditions: We rode on 101 for most of day, which is the road we’ll be traveling down for the majority of the trip. It was traffic-y, but that was expected. We had a wonderful 20 mile stretch out of Astoria that was an English country-like road with no traffic.

Camping review: We stayed at the Biak-by-the-sea RV park; $21 for the night; hot shower; grocery store nearby. Grade: B


2 thoughts on “Day 3: Cathlamet, WA – Garibaldi, OR

  1. Beautiful photos and everyone is still smiling-which takes less muscle by the way :) Your narrative is equally impressive. We are with you in spirit!
    Save journey~love, Den, Kate, Simon and Ema

  2. Nature is so beautiful. You can learning lots of wisdom. More approach Nature, more get beauty.

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