Day 2: Centralia, WA – Cathlamet, WA

Groggy from our 3am wake up call, we left Centralia (aka Hub City) southward bound for Cathlamet. Peaceful farms, cows and horses were the themes for the first 40 miles. It was especially nice when the sun finally broke through.

After lunch in Castle Rock, we had a massive 3 mile climb but were rewarded on the downhill with a spectacular view of Mt. Rainier and Mt. St. Helens.



The route took us to Route 4 along the Columbia River, which was brutal due to the traffic, short shoulder, headwinds and sun. But we made it to camp and passed out at 8:30 haha! Unfortunately, there wasn’t any cell or wifi service but it was probably better since we pretty much fell asleep once we sat down. Look through our pictures for tidbits of our day!

Total miles: 81.5

Weather: 50 degree temperatures to start out the day and very foggy, but it warmed up to a high of 94 by this afternoon.

Riding condition: up and downs, rolling hills and a rough headwind for the last 20 miles along the Columbia River.

Campground review: $9.16 for our tent site behind a Chevron gas station (no joke). $0.75 for hot hot hot showers + PB & J sandwiches = 10 hours of sleep. Hammock grounding experiment (aka no two trees close by). Grade: B


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