Day 1: Seattle to Centralia, WA (cont.)

What started off as an overcast day, finally became sunny, around 4pm. And as the clouds cleared, we had a clear view of Mt. Rainier. Stunning. Also at this time, we had a slight tailwind (yes!) to help us get through the next 20 miles to our destination.

During the day, we met out first bike touring buddies (the first of many I hope!). Unfortunately, we didn’t catch their names, but they are from Holland and are two days away from finishing their trip, which started on May 20 in Virginia. They followed the Trans-Am route and were heading north for Seattle. They raved about the beauty of rural America and the Tetons, but wished that Yellowstone limited the number of cars in the park. And they highly recommended that we use during our travels. For those who do not know about this site, it’s a place where people open their homes to traveling hikers and bikers. I’ve never used it, but it may be handy one day!


All-in-all a very successful day that ended with a hot shower at camp, clear weather and a good night’s sleep…or so we thought…


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