Day 1: Rookie mistake #1

1) Do not camp near a railroad track, especially near a railroad crossing.

I wish I had captured audio of what we heard at 3:30 am but it’s probably for the best since it might damage your ear drums. Jesus Christ, trains are so freakin loud. We thought that there wouldn’t be any other trains after the first and that we could go to bed…but no. Trains went by every half hour, for the next three hours. So much for a full night’s rest!

The picture below is taken from where the hammock stood. What were we thinking?? If Yoo Mi was with us, I guarantee this wouldn’t have happened!!!



One thought on “Day 1: Rookie mistake #1

  1. Aw man – sorry to hear about the restless night! You just have to instate a “WWYD: What Would Yoo Mi Do” with critical decision, i.e. where to sleep :) Though I’m sure you two have learned your leason and its will never happen again. I hear sleeping behind Verizon Wireless buildings are peaceful….

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