Day 1: Seattle to Shelton, pre-lunch

Wake up call this morning was at 4:30am (!!!), since we were taking the Seattle-Brementon ferry at 6am. We truly hit the road at 7:10am in Brementon, heading south.

Currently, we’re in Shelton, WA, about 40 miles southwest-ish of Seattle. It could have been 56 miles if it weren’t for Mr. Rick Allen, who saved us from a map reading error (I take full responsibility), re-routed us and got us back on track with minimal damage (only one mile more than our intended route).


It’s been a chilly morning with an average temperature around 60 degrees and overcast. We’ve only had one hill in Union, WA that left us slightly panting but it is the first day, so we’re not quite in ‘touring’ shape. Now en route to Centralia–65 miles away!

P.s. We’ve added a photo gallery (linked to our Flickr account) to the right sidebar (for mobile users, this feature is found at the bottom of the page). We’ll be adding pictures there throughout the trip, so be sure to check them out!


One thought on “Day 1: Seattle to Shelton, pre-lunch

  1. Wow, it has been quite a long day for you already, Soo Mi. Fun to check out your progress…

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